Upper Edge

Digital Transformation & Ongoing Maintenance for a Premium Edge-Banding Supplier


Decor Product Supplier


Gauteng, SA

Service Provided

Brochure Design, Website Design & Maintenance


Upper Edge, a distinguished supplier of Edge-banding, Thermoformable Foils, Adhesives, Décor, and Back to School products, aspired to enhance their brand's digital and physical footprint. Their vision was vast – a sophisticated website, a meticulously designed printed product catalogue, and tools like the ceiling board calculator, all complemented with ongoing maintenance.


To craft and sustain a premium WordPress website for Upper Edge, coupled with the creation of an elegant printed product catalogue, underlining their vast product range and emphasizing their commitment to quality.

Web Design & Development

Creating a website that encapsulated the brand's ethos, ensuring seamless product database integration, and harmonising with the aesthetic of the printed product catalogue.

Design Philosophy: A refined, minimalistic design framework was established, using high-quality product images and a muted colour palette to reflect the brand's premium positioning.
Product Integration: A streamlined product gallery was set up, organising the 200+ products efficiently to enhance navigation and user experience.
Ceiling Board Calculator: Introduced an innovative tool, allowing users to calculate ceiling board requirements instantly, enhancing the visitor's experience.
SEO: Strategies were implemented to ensure heightened visibility on search engines.

Printed Product Catalogue Design

Migrating Upper Edge's vast product repertoire into a tangible, printed catalogue, maintaining brand consistency, and ensuring ease of navigation for users.

Unified Aesthetics: The catalogue was designed keeping in mind the aesthetics of the website to ensure brand consistency. The use of a neutral colour palette and high-quality images mirrored the digital design.
Logical Layout: Products were systematically arranged, with dedicated sections for each category, using clear headings, subheadings, and index markers.

From the digital realm to our printed catalogue, the dedication, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail displayed have been unparalleled.

Our brand has been beautifully translated into tangible and online formats, and the ongoing maintenance gives us peace of mind.

Truly exceptional work!
Nico Van Rensburg
Marketing & Sales Manager


Our collaboration with Upper Edge exemplifies the intricate blend of digital and print media, harmonizing them to elevate a brand’s stature. By designing a compelling website and a printed product catalogue that resonates with the brand’s ethos, we’ve not only enhanced Upper Edge’s market presence but also fortified their brand promise of delivering premium quality.

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