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Website Design & Maintenance


A global leader in advanced technology, Toshiba has been an iconic name in the electronics sector. While their printers are a blend of advanced features and reliable performance, the online representation lacked some digital charisma. Toshiba partnered with us to undertake a complete WordPress overhaul, aiming to better showcase their range of printers and engage potential customers effectively.


The primary goal was to rejuvenate the Toshiba WordPress website, create dedicated landing pages for each printer, and incorporate lead magnets to capture email addresses, leveraging the brochure downloads.

Web Design & User Experience

Toshiba's previous site was a bit dated and didn't fully capitalise on contemporary web design practices, leading to diminished user engagement.

Adopted a modern design approach using Toshiba's brand colours. Improved user navigation, implementing a clean and organised menu structure.

Printer Showcase & Landing Pages

The printers were not effectively showcased, making it difficult for potential clients to understand their unique features.

Designed individual landing pages for each printer model, highlighting its unique selling points, technical specifications, and high-quality images.

Lead Generation & Email Capture

Toshiba wanted to harness the potential of their website as a lead generation tool.

Integrated lead magnets in the form of downloadable brochures for each printer model. Implemented pop-up forms and dedicated sections on landing pages to capture email addresses before allowing brochure downloads. Ensured GDPR compliance for email capture, instilling trust and transparency.

This website redesign has not only elevated our brand presence but also amplified our lead generation efforts. The individual printer landing pages and the lead magnets have been game-changers. We're truly impressed with the expertise and commitment of the design team.
Sean Sequiera
National Sales Manager


Toshiba’s WordPress website transformation became a testament to the marriage of design, functionality, and user engagement. The strategic integration of landing pages and lead magnets transformed the website from a mere digital presence to a dynamic lead generation platform. With improved traffic, heightened user engagement, and a significant increase in lead captures, Toshiba was poised to further solidify its position in the printer market.

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