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Gauteng, SA

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Branding, Website Design & Maintenance


Spitz & Bitz Catering, a renowned spit braai catering company, sought to refresh their branding and enhance their online presence, ensuring that their digital reflection truly embodied the quality and flair they brought to every event. Tasked with this challenge, we undertook a holistic approach to breathe new life into their branding and website.


To craft a cohesive brand identity for Spitz & Bitz Catering and to revamp their existing WordPress website to offer a seamless, visually appealing, and user-friendly experience.

Branding Overhaul

Elevating Spitz & Bitz Catering's brand identity to reflect the sophistication, warmth, and gourmet quality of their spit braai offerings.

Logo Design: We introduced a modern and sophisticated logo that intertwined a stylised flame visual with elegant typography.
Colour Palette: Opted for a warm and inviting palette, dominated by red tones, echoing the rustic, smoky flavours of spit braai.
Typography: Chose a combination of sleek, modern fonts for headers and a complementary, readable font for body content, emphasising readability and elegance.

WordPress Website Revamp

Transforming an outdated website into a digital platform that not only showcased their offerings but also offered an enhanced user experience.

Responsive Design: The site was redesigned to be fully responsive, ensuring an optimal viewing experience across various devices, from desktops to mobile phones.
Imagery: Integrated high-quality, tantalising images of the spit braai process and the finished dishes, making it a feast for the eyes.
Navigation: Streamlined and intuitive menus ensured users found what they were looking for effortlessly, from menu options to booking inquiries.
Testimonials & Gallery: Introduced a dedicated section for client testimonials and a visual gallery showcasing past events to build trust and showcase expertise.
SEO Integration: The revamped website was optimised for search engines, ensuring that Spitz & Bitz Catering would be easily discoverable by potential clients.

What a delight dealing with someone who took the time to get to know our business, meet with us and even brainstorm a couple of ideas.

Deidre helped us build our BRAND, not just our website.
Tyron Langley
Spitz & Bitz Catering


The Spitz & Bitz Catering project underscored the power of a unified brand image and a robust digital presence. Through careful branding considerations and a detailed website overhaul, Spitz & Bitz Catering was not only able to strengthen its brand identity but also significantly increase its digital engagement and bookings.

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