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Gauteng, SA

Service Provided

Website Design & Maintenance


JHJ Training, a distinguished entity in the professional development arena, prides itself on offering top-notch training programmes tailored for both corporations and individuals. To mirror their commitment to excellence and make their offerings more accessible, they approached us to reinvent their online image through a comprehensive WordPress website redesign, complemented by an integrated training calendar.


The primary aim was to redesign JHJ Training's WordPress website for enhanced user experience, aesthetics, and functionality. An additional focal point was the seamless integration of a training calendar, enabling users to quickly view and register for upcoming programmes.

Design & User Experience

The existing website lacked a modern feel, which was not reflective of JHJ Training’s innovative approach to professional development.

Implemented a refreshed design, using a professional color scheme that resonates with JHJ Training's branding. Enhanced content layout, utilising modular design principles to make information easily digestible.

Training Calendar Integration

The absence of a centralised system made it challenging for users to identify, track, and enrol in upcoming training sessions.

Integrated a dynamic, interactive training calendar that showcased all the upcoming training programmes. Enabled a feature allowing users to click on specific calendar entries, leading them to detailed descriptions and registration options.

Our website has always been a crucial tool for our operations, but this redesign has catapulted its efficiency to new heights. The training calendar, in particular, has been a tremendous addition, streamlining our registration process and offering a straightforward overview of our offerings. Thank you Deidre.
Sumarie Pienaar


JHJ Training’s revamped WordPress website has transformed from a mere digital brochure into a vibrant, interactive platform that not only embodies their commitment to excellence but also efficiently facilitates user needs. The training calendar’s integration has especially enhanced the user experience, simplifying the process of discovering and registering for upcoming programs.

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