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Gauteng, SA

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E-commerce Website Design & Development


Hannon Cosmetics, a revered name in the makeup and cosmetics industry, desired a digital makeover. With a rich lineage of premium products, they aimed to magnify their online presence. Entrusted with this mission, we embarked on a journey to recreate their Shopify e-commerce website, ensuring it encapsulated the essence of the brand and provided a seamless shopping experience.


To reimagine and redesign the Hannon Cosmetics Shopify store, enhancing both its visual appeal and functionality, making it a true reflection of the brand's quality and legacy.

Visual Appeal & Branding

The previous website layout felt cluttered, and the branding elements weren't consistent throughout.
Instituted a consistent colour palette inspired by the hues of their bestselling products. Utilised high-resolution product images, presenting them elegantly on the homepage and product pages. Incorporated clean, modern typography that resonated with the brand's identity.

User Experience & Navigation

The site’s navigation was cumbersome, making product discovery and the purchasing process tedious for users.
Implemented a clear, organised menu structure, categorising products intuitively. Integrated a search bar with auto-suggest features, allowing users to swiftly locate their desired products. Added filters and sort options for better product discovery based on user preferences.

Mobile Responsiveness

The previous design was not fully optimised for mobile devices, a crucial aspect considering the increasing number of mobile shoppers.
Ensured the new design was mobile-responsive, adapting seamlessly across various screen sizes and devices. Optimised image sizes and touch points for mobile users, ensuring swift loading and easy navigation.

Our collaboration has been transformative! The newly designed Shopify website truly mirrors the Hannon Cosmetics brand. We've seen a significant uptick in user engagement, and the sales figures speak for themselves. A big thank you to Deidre for her dedication and expertise.
Michelle Bailie
Marketing Manager


The transformation of Hannon Cosmetics’ Shopify e-commerce platform wasn’t just about aesthetic enhancement; it was a holistic approach to creating a brand-consistent, user-friendly digital shopping environment. The positive metrics post-launch underline the project’s success, reinforcing the power of user-centric design combined with robust e-commerce functionalities.

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